About The Eurasian Century & Cyclical Value Investing

I am Jonathan Schramm, a self-taught analyst and investor.

Having moved to Tallinn in the early 2010s, I have also been writing and learning about the changing geopolitical landscape, as well as the cycles of history and finance.

This website is dedicated to analyzing undervalued stocks at the bottom of a cycle, and the rise of what I call the Eurasian Tripod: Russia + Iran + China

About my investing reports:

As a European living in a small country (Estonia), I will frequently cover out-of-USA stocks, as I feel significant parts of these markets are not properly covered and analyzed by bloggers and financial newsletters. This is especially true for small and mid-cap companies.

The value investing part of my strategy implies I am looking at stock as a business with long-term prospects. Instead of looking at short-term prices, I am looking for long-term opportunities due to temporary mispricing by the market.

My research will focus on cyclical sectors like heavy industries, commodities, tech, etc... (You can learn more about cyclical industries HERE) I chose to limit myself to these sectors as I feel they are under-covered by fellow value investors and bloggers. Due to an increasing herd mentality of markets, they are also becoming a major source of opportunity, as the rise of passive investments and ETFs have made the entire sector move as a block, ignoring the fundamentals of its individual components.

This part of the substack will consist of company analyses and more general musing about investing strategies and financial markets.

About my geopolitical reports:

They will provide my readers with the key to understanding the rising powers in Eurasia and their collaboration in challenging Western hegemony.

This will be done with as much as possible objective tone. I am going to try to give an objective assessment of the situation, and filter away propaganda from BOTH sides to give the highest quality assessment of the real situation and future change int he economic, geopolitical and diplomatic landscape.

If possible, I will also look at these questions from the point of view of an investor, and how my readers can benefit from the trends I explain in the reports.

A subscription gives you access to both the company analyses reports (Cyclical Value Investing) and the geopolitical analyses reports (The Eurasian Century)

The rhythm should be approximately 1 to 2 reports per month, generally alternating between geopolitics and investing, depending on the news and investing opportunities.

So a total of 12-20 subscriber-only reports per year.

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